About us

Meet Claire, mother of two boys and Founder & Creative Director of Pop Star Princess Parties.

“ Whilst I may have hung up my Princess dress to make way for the younger entertainers, I still have a major role in the creative and planning process of all our parties. My experience as a teacher, entertainer and mother has given me an invaluable insight into children and I really understand the nuances of difference between a 4 and 5 year old.

I love creating party plans, developing characters and customising games to suit a theme and age or interest group of children.

I am here to guide, support and mentor my entertainers as well as to offer advice on how best you can help your princess in order to get the most out of your party.

I still teach, weekly, at my Performing Arts school (Pop Star Performers) and children ranging in age from 3 – 13 so have a very close grasp of what music and games the children are currently into. My Saturday kids love it when I come in with my ‘party hat’ on to test out new games on them, as they know they’re in for a fun session!!”